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Finanças e penhoras BRISA IUC

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Dear all, I am writing here to ask for some tips what to do with coimas from Finanças . I lived in Portugal from 2011 till 2013. In March 2013 there was a car bought in my name as I and my friend were moving out of country. I have no driving licence. After one year I have received email from Finanças about coimas & penhoras for using highways. As soon as I got avis through email from Finanças regarding payments I asked them to send more details in order to regulate them. I paid portagens and IUC (approx. 250 EUR with juros). In the begining of December 2014 I got another email saying that there are still dividas. As I am not living in Portugal I was contacting with Finanças through email and tried to contact through phone but my phonecalls were never attended. After various requests they answered last Friday and send me information that I have few processos opened and debt of more than 2500 EUR. Is it legal to take 10 times more for something that was paid? I have to work for 2 years to save 2500 eurs or I have to take a credit. I am afraid that juros will grow and will be not able to pay nothing.  Can anyone knows what to do? Obrigada. 


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